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Speak, God

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Speak, God,

for I no longer trust my own words,

and the words of others

are like a loud clamoring in my head

that never reveals the truth.


Listen, God,

for the words I speak

fall on the deafness

that surrounds me,

and they soon become

nothing more

than syllables drifting

on a breeze.


Help, God,

for I am helpless on my own.

Nothing I say or do

puts me on the right path.

I get lost

in the selfish greed 

that surrounds me.


Give me peace, God,

for on my own,

there is no peace to be found.

I feel like a lamb

being stalked by wolves.

There is no rest for me.

Even in my sleep

I cry.


Written by cherylawilliams

February 2, 2013 at 1:01 am

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