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…And Two Young Brothers Were Killed

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Yesterday in Charlotte, NC two small children were struck by a truck and killed on Tyvola Road.  The boys were brothers, ages 1 and 5.  Their father was walking them to day care, just as he does every day.  The father was pushing a child in a stroller.  Behind him were the two brothers.  The 5 year old was pushing the 1 year old.  Since there are no sidewalks in this neighborhood, they were all walking along the side of the road.

Charlotte Department of Transportation has acknowledged that this area needs sidewalks, but has said there is no money to do so.

Well, they found money to put a second sidewalk along Scaleybark Road. The city also found money to jackhammer perfectly good sidewalks in the uptown area in order to make some changes to beautify the city for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.  They have also been spending money on planting trees and making improvements in other key areas of the city where convention goers might go.  After all, Charlotte wants to prove herself a world class city.

Perhaps Charlotte needs to ask what exactly makes a world-class city.  Is it having sports arenas, large shopping plazas, and a dynamic uptown area?  Is it having political conventions and sporting tournaments?  Or is it focusing on the citizens of the city and their needs?

I’ve lived in the best parts of Charlotte and in the worst parts of Charlotte.  The best parts of Charlotte always seem to have sidewalks and beautiful landscaping.  The worst parts do not.  Is this mere coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Was it mere coincidence that these two innocent lives were taken yesterday on a Charlotte city street?  I don’t think so.  Perhaps the driver wasn’t paying attention.  That is to be determined.  Perhaps the 5 year old should not have been pushing the 1 year old in a stroller on a street. That is questionable. Of course…if there had been a sidewalk…there is a very high probability that two young boys would be laughing and playing together today.

Something for us all to think about the next time we see city money being spent on mere beautification projects when there are projects of necessity calling.


Written by cherylawilliams

February 23, 2012 at 5:37 pm