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The world has changed
since you’ve gone.
I greet the morning
and feel an emptiness
that cuts through me like a knife.
I wake at night,
tears running down my face…
for in my dreams you are beside me.

When I awake, I am all alone.
I drive in my car,
and can’t stop looking at the sky.
I look up and wonder
if you are looking down at me.
A part of me wishes I could float
on a billowy cloud and find you.
I walk the empty halls of our home
and I can still hear the laughter
that we shared.
For some reason, all of the unhappy times
have vanished from my mind.
All I see is you, me, and the kids
laughing, acting silly, and having fun.
I remember every sweetness,
every tender touch,
every kindness that you gave to me.
Nobody has ever loved me like you.
Nobody has ever accepted me like you.
Nobody has ever taken care of me like you.
I can’t imagine anyone else ever will.
You loved me unconditionally.
I didn’t have to fit into a certain mold.
Sometimes the mold I wanted you to fit in
was too difficult for you,
And I feel bad that I was lacking,
unable to accept your mood swings.
I loved you.
I still love you.
Knowing that perhaps you thought otherwise
haunts me.
Knowing you felt lonely and hopeless
haunts me.
You were my love,
my soulmate, 
my best friend.
My life will never be the same.

Written by cherylawilliams

August 14, 2012 at 12:24 am

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