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A Message To Pastor Charles Worley

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I have something to say to Pastor Charles Worley, minister at Providence Road Baptist Church (the minister who gave the sermon where he would have all lesbians and homosexuals put inside of a fence and pretty much left to die).

Shame on you.  Shame on your hateful, bigoted, narrow-minded view of Christianity.  As a Christian, I was appalled at your words.  I had to listen time and again just to make sure I was hearing you correctly.

First of all, we are all sinners.  YOU are a sinner.  It is not your place to pass judgement on anyone.  It IS, however, your place to love everyone.  That is what Jesus called us to do.  Jesus did condemn the adulterers and tax collectors. He loved them, and gave his life for them.  He did the same for you. 

I daresay that if your parishiners were to do a bit of spying, they would see that you are not perfect either.  Do you ever lie or cheat or steal?  Have you ever had a lustful thought about a woman or a man?  Have you ever coveted the pulpit of a minister with a bigger church or wished you had a bigger house or newer car?  Well, if you have (and I’m certain you have),  then guess what?  You belong right inside of that fence with the lesbians and homosexuals.  Sin is sin and God cannot live in the midst of sinners.

The same grace that is available to you is available to them…and it is up to God where their hearts lie.  Nobody knows but them and God.  Perfection is not a prerequisite to forgiveness.  If a person is perfect, then he has nothing to be forgiven of.

Just as you have no right to judge them, I have no right to judge you.  I will say this, however;  your example of Christianity is the reason why so many people have no desire to become a Christian.  It makes me sad, because I know that this is not the message that Jesus wanted his followers to share.  God is love, and there is nothing loving about the message that you are sharing. Hopefully, the majority of people will see this.


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