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I Need a Branding, Baby!

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I need a branding, baby!

Well….branding is important, isn’t it?  Especially if you’re a writer who is trying to sell books.  When you are branded, people have an idea of what to expect in your writing.

My problem is that I could easily be branded in several different ways.  I write on a lot of topics.  Some are very mainstream.  Some are very controversial.  Some are inspirational.  Some are erotic.  Some are raw and heartwrenching.  Some are funny.  They all are 100% me.

Therefore, I’m not quite certain what my brand would be.  I see myself as a prism, multifaceted with different colors shining through.  I don’t believe in boxing myself in.  It limits my creativity.

I suppose if I had to choose a brand, it would be simply to expect the unexpected.  I also want my writing to make you think as well as entertain you, so that is a common thread throughout my words.

I feel like I’m still on a journey, and I invite readers to come along for the ride.  If I get branded along the way, then we can all dance a happy dance.  But for now….let’s just enjoy the ride.


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April 15, 2012 at 1:31 am

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  1. I love your post and it made me think if I want to be branded… like an animal… ermm, no (It looks like it hurts! lol) I think it’s cool to be like you say, difficult to brand and separate from the herd! 🙂

    Claire Cappetta

    May 29, 2012 at 2:14 pm

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