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A Message to Teenage Girls

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An astonishing new trend among teenage girls is to post videos on You Tube, asking the world if they are ugly.  Wow.  What a sad commentary on our society that we place that much emphasis on outward beauty.  Apparently these girls are so eaten up with low self-esteem that they will turn to complete strangers looking for some kind of validation in regard to their looks.  What is even sadder are some of the responses that these girls are getting, making them feel even worse about themselves.

I wish I could respond to each and every one of them.  Here is what I would say:

You are beautiful.  You are beautiful and one of a kind special because God made you that way.  He does not want you to look like everyone else.  He does not want you to be like everyone else.  He wants you to be who you are.  Perhaps you aren’t even sure who that person is.  That’s okay.  You’re still young, and have lots of time to find out.  Don’t waste your time worrying about fitting in or being like the prettiest girl at school.  Guess what?  Her life is not perfect either.  She goes home and has her own problems to deal with.  Life is not perfect for anyone.

You are beautiful.  You are beautiful because of the spirit that is inside of you.  You are beautiful because of your smile and the way it lights up a room.  You are beautiful because of the joy inside of you.  Perhaps you don’t feel joyful because you never think about happy things.  Well, it’s time to start.  There is always something to be joyful about.

Some of the most beautiful women I know would not have been voted as beautiful if they had posted themselves on You Tube looking for an answer to the question.  Their beauty came from something deep inside of them.  Their beauty came from their joy, their spirit of giving, their compassion for others, their laughter.

Think about that.  Then go look in the mirror and smile.  Ask yourself if you are beautiful.  There is only one answer.  Yes.


Written by cherylawilliams

February 22, 2012 at 6:14 pm

2 Responses

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  1. There’s also a subreddit (r/amiugly) on Reddit devoted to this kind of thing as well.

    Unfortunately, I think there’s a lot more going on here, more than just a “Society is bad and you should feel bad” kind of thing. I’m starting to think that these high expectations of beauty are going to reach a point where they’re almost irreversible. Okay, so maybe not quite that extreme. But just recently, I learned that many girls are encouraged by people, often older female family members, to suck in their stomachs from a youngish age. I was never told this, or anything similar, so this took me by surprise.

    Also, did you know that Anorexia/Bulemia Nervosa are pretty much purely western phenominons?

    KT Hall

    March 1, 2012 at 5:10 am

    • KT..Thanks for the comment. Yes, it’s sad the way that young girls are encouraged by adults at times to look a certain way to the point they are willing to do harm to themselves in the process. I’ve seen mothers scolding their teenage daughters for eating pizza or a cookie, talking about weight gain…and the girls were not even overweight. Just a problem in the making….so sad.


      March 7, 2012 at 7:56 pm

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